How do I issue Free Access to students

To give free access to students they must first have created a student account on Kuula. 

This is free and simple to do using an email address and password (or using Facebook, Google or AppleID)

Once they have a student account, you will be able to gift : 
  • free access to a specific class 
  • free subscriptions 
  • free credits to be used on classes of their choice 

To do this 

1. Log in to Kuula 
2. Click on your profile picture on the top right hand corner to open the Menu 
3. Click 'Manage Channel' 
4. Click 'Payment' on the menu on the left hand side 
5. Click 'Gift access' where you will see your gifting options 
6. Simply find what you would like to gift and enter the student's email in the relevant box

Please note:
You also have the option to set your class as Free when scheduling it to allow free access to everyone 

Alternatively you could also issue Promo Codes with 100% discount and share these who you would like to give free access too (discount codes currently work on live classes only)