How does pricing work?

Teachers can offer a variety of payment methods including: 

  • Pay as you go : You book onto classes one at a time
  • Class packs: A bundle of credits, usually at a discounted price, to be used as payment for classes 
  • Subscriptions : 1 month, 3 month or 12 month subscriptions which give you access to all the teacher's content included in the subscription. This is a recurring payment but can easily be cancelled. 
  • Individual video rental : allows you to watch the video for 48 hours 
  • Video series rental: allow you to watch all the videos in a series for 30 days 

When you go to book an individual class, any class pack or subscription options will be shown to you before checkout.

When you go to pay for videos, you will see the options for individual videos and whole series. 

Please note: Teachers set their own prices on their channel and  the content available in subscriptions will vary from teacher to teacher.