A quarterly/annual subscription will be charged immediately as an up-front payment which will auto-renew at the end of the period. Cancelling a subscription on Kuula’s website will stop the renewal at the next billing date, but you will you retain access to content until this date.

Kuula provides the platform to facilitate the payment transfer between the student and instructor, therefore Kuula cannot create a subscription refund on behalf of the channel owner. If circumstances arise where you need to request a refund part way through the subscription period, you must contact the channel owner directly who will manage this process. The reimbursement decision lies at the discretion of the channel owner who is responsible for and committed to providing the content.

To cancel a subscription: 

1. Login to Kuula

2. Go the top right corner of the screen to access the menu
3. Click ‘Activity’ 
4. Find 'Subscriptions' on the left hand side 
4. From here you can view your subscription and cancel it 
You will have access until the date your subscription is due to expire, and will not be charged again thereafter.