Benefit from recurring revenue by offering your students monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plans.  Students pay the subscription fee upfront, which we transfer to you in your next Kuula pay out. 

Create a new subscription

1. Log in to Kuula 

2. Go the top right corner of the screen to access the menu

3. Click ‘Manage channel’ 
4. Click 'Payment' on the left hand side 
4. Click 'Subscriptions' 

Click on the 'Create new package' button to create a subscription plan. 

Custom name 

Choose a custom name for your subscription
Free trial 

You can enable free trials of your subscription (choosing from 7, 14, 21 or 30 day trials) 

Subscription content 
Specify your subscription content, including bullet points of what your subscription offering will include or exclude e.g. "Includes access to 1 new on demand video per month. Excludes workshops." 
Plans always include VOD, with the option of offering live classes for free or at an additional cost. 
Subscription status: 
You can set your subscription as Active or Inactive. 

means the subscription is visible on your channel subscription page and new students can sign up. 
Inactive means the subscription is no longer visible on your channel subscription page, so new students cannot sign up but existing students on this subscription will still be charged a recurring fee. 

You may for example want to create an "Early bird subscription " which is only available to sign up to for a certain amount of time. You would then set the subscription as Inactive and create a new subscription at the standard price for any subsequent students to sign up to. Those who have signed up to the Early bird subscription would continue to pay the early bird subscription price until they cancel.

Terminating a subscription 

Terminating a subscription means all students on this subscription will automatically have their subscription to this plan cancelled and the subscription plan will be removed from your channel. Students will still be able to access all applicable content for the channel until the expiry date of their plan, at which point the subscription will no longer renew.

Find the subscription you would like to terminate, and click on 'Manage'. 

Scroll all the way down to find the button to 'Terminate' this subscription'. Students will receive an email to inform them that you have terminated their subscription and that they will have access to the content they signed up for until the expiry date of their plan after which it will no longer renew and it will not charge them. 

Changing the price of a subscription plan 

Once a subscription is live it is not possible to alter the price on that particular subscription, as changing the price would require students to opt in to the new price before they are charged. To change the price of your subscription you will need to create a new subscription, choosing to either Terminate the original plan and encouraging all students to sign up to the new subscription or allowing existing students to continue on the original subscription by setting it to Inactive. .