Refunds and Cancellations

Refund and cancellation policies are set independently by teachers, with the exception of cancellations made by the teacher. If a teacher cancels a class/workshop the student(s) should be refunded (or be given a class credit if they used a class credit to pay). 

If a student cancels a class 

If a student cancels a class/workshop it is at the teacher’s discretion if they offer a refund, give access to a future event or give credit in the case of a student cancellation. The aim is for teachers and students to reach a resolution together. Kuula is here to support the resolution process as needed.If a student cannot attend a class and would like a refund or credit for a future class, they should email the teacher directly to request this. The teacher’s contact details will be available when the student cancels the class. 

If a teacher cancels a class 

If a teacher has to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances the student should be refunded. If payment was made using a credit, the credit should be refunded to them. 

Credits / Access to a future class 

Giving credits and access to a future class can be processed by the teachers themselves from their Kuula account. 


Refund requests following student cancellations are processed by Kuula at the teacher’s discretion. 

Requests for refunds are to be sent to The full amount will be refunded to the student’s original method of payment within approximately 5 days of Kuula receiving the request.

Please note: as the transaction fee has already been taken by Stripe, this will be deducted from the teacher in their next teacher payment.