Recording options


Option 1: Cloud recording - Zoom automatically starts to the record when someone enters the class. After the class has finished, you will receive an email from Zoom with a link to the recording you can share with students. The recording will be accessible for up to 48 hours after the class has finished (This video cannot be edited or downloaded to your computer). 

If you would like to use this option but do not want the chit chat at the start of the class to be included in the recording, just press to Stop recording. Then press Start to record and choose the Cloud option when you're ready and the class is about to begin. 

You will see when you press the link to the recording there will be two parts to the recording - you will want to share the URL to the second recording in this case. 

Option 2: Save to your computer 

The cloud recording will automatically begin when the class starts. Press to Stop recording. Then press Start to record again, choosing the Save to Computer option. When the class is finished press Stop and you will find the file saved on your computer (usually in a folder named Zoom) 

The resolution and quality of Zoom recordings is generally quite low. 


You can use Quicktime (normally already built into Apple computers) to record at the same time as Zoom is running and save this recording to your Computer. This normally results in a recording with higher quality. Press the arrow next to the recording button to choose your camera and microphone options 

Qucktime recording instructions 

COMING SOON : Kuula Studio 

Kuula Studio is currently in beta. Once it is out of beta it will have the option to record your classes in HD using a variety of different layout composites (teacher only, entire class, active speaker etc.). You will receive a shareable link of the recording and will also have the option to make the video available in your library.